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A collaboration of a lot of my interests: photography, books, reading, nature, the ocean and everything in it, America, and anything else I may find along the way

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Video: Nick Offerman Recites Some Profound Shower Thoughts [gifs via]

Looks like a fun gang.


Adorable bat hugs!

So in the end
I’ll be what I will be
No loyal friend
Was ever there for me
Now we say goodbye
We say you didn’t try

These tears you cry
Have come too late
Take back the lies
The hurt, the blame
And you will weep
When you face the end alone
You are lost, you can never go home


Hidden Village | by Max Slastnikov


a ferocious beast


"I love people who’ve had torture in their lives, and still rolled their sleeves up and got to the other side - having gotten through some of the dark things in life, I am entertained by the little bent view some of us have of the world."

Happy 45th birthday, Matthew L. Perry! [August 19, 1969]